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How much are you looking to consolidate?

Debt: $25,000

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Consolidate expensive credit card debt. Up to $150,000

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See if you qualify for a Lendage loan

How much are you looking to consolidate?

Debt: $25,000

About Lendage:

Lendage is part of the Freedom Financial Network group of companies. 

Started in 2002, Freedom Financial is a leader in the consumer debt solutions space helping over 500,000 Americans get out of crippling debt and lead a financially secure life.

APRs start at 6.25% for the most qualified applicants and are higher for other applicants. For example, for a borrower with a CLTV of 75% and a credit score of 760, a ten-year fixed rate Home Equity Line of Credit would have a fixed annual percentage rate (APR) of 6.25% and a 1.5% origination fee. For a $50,000 Home Equity Line of Credit, the total loan amount would be $52,500 including the closing costs of ($750 Origination Fee, $685 underwriting Fee and $1,065* Title Fees *Varies by State)

Origination fees are 1.5% of the loan amount. The Underwriting fee is $685 independent of loan amount. The advertised rate is available only to borrowers using primary residences as collateral. Your actual rate will depend on many factors such as your credit, combined loan to value ratio, loan term and occupancy status. The advertised APR includes an Automated Clearing House(ACH) discount of 0.25%. APRs start at 6.50% for customers that do not opt in to autopay.